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Customs clearance
When you transfer a cargo via the border of Russian Federation you required to pass customs clearance procedure, as in country of origin as well in country of destination. The key point is the preparation of correct documents for customs clearance. We are ready to consult you for this question, to support you to make customs clearance without additional expenses.
To transport the cargo inside Russia that has not passed customs clearance Asia-Don LLC proposes the services to prepare inland customs transit.

The following documents need to be provided to customs transit:
  • invoice,
  • packing list (specification),
  • bill of lading,
  • client proxy,
  • information letter to make report documents.

To insure the full cycle of logistics services we provide you to use our partner who can make customs clearance in Novorossiysk, Taganrog and Rostov-on-Don.

Here is the list of documents required to make customs clearance of the cargo:
  1. Notarized copies (1 ea):
    • company Charter along with amendments;
    • articles of Association or Foundation order (if the founder is one person);
    • certificate of Incorporation (company code);
    • tax office registration (tax reference number);
    • certificate from statistics department (valid for month).
  2. Copies approved by manager signature and stamp (2 ea.):
    • charter documents for management designation;
    • order for director assignment;
    • director ID copy;
    • rent agreement for company legal address;
    • payment order and account statement for the amount transferred to customs;
    • technical description in Russian language or translation duly attested;
    • MSDS required to make Hygiene Certificate.
  3. Original documents (shall be returned back later to the client) and their copies attested by director and company seal (2 pcs.):
    • contract and appendices, specifications and amendments hereto;
    • currency transaction report form;
    • certificate from the bank (valid one month) where currency transaction report form for this contract is registered;
    • invoices, packing lists, specification and etc., payment orders for these invoices;
    • certificates of quality, conformity, hygiene if applicable.

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